Home Workout #2 "Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn"

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Home Workout #2 "Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn"

It's Home Workout Wednesday People!!! I'm going to keep this going.

The Mr. is gone a lot on business travel lately so I'm gonna dedicate this one to him. It's called "Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn". :) It's a fun little game to play when you've got no equipment at all and maybe you're on travel and need to get a workout in. There is some improvisation that can happen here and it's pretty magical and shows some real dedication.

*For handstand pushups, use a pillow for some cushioning. If you aren't there yet, elevate your feet on the bed or a chair to do your pushups.

*For the dips, use two pieces of steady furniture for each hand and do them close to the floor, or even in a sitting position if you can't do strict dips. I like to use two chairs facing one another.

*If you've got nothing to weight your squats and lunges with, that's ok! You can do jumping squats and jumping lunges in place instead (just be mindful if you're staying in a 2+ floor place so the person below you doesn't come up knocking on your door- the mindfulness goes for this whole workout actually).

*For the pistols, if you can't do them yet, use the side of the bed or other furniture to assist yourself.





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