Evolution in liquid chalk technology, maximum grip without mess and dust

Liquid Fit Grip, Liquid Weightlifting Chalk

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  • Liquid Chalk - Portable with much less mess and much less waste
  • Easy to Apply - Quick dry and sweat resistant
  • Antibacterial - Keeps hands germ-free at the gym
  • Get a Grip - Significantly improves grip-ability for pull ups, deadlifts, kettlebells, rock climbing, gymnastics and many other sports activities

Liquid Chalk is a convenient alternative to carrying around a messy chalk ball or block. Just simply squeeze a dime-size amount into your palm, rub your hands together and fan them dry for about 10 seconds. Washes clean with mild soap and water.

Our sweat resistant, antibacterial formula is the perfect alternative for use in gyms that don't allow messy, traditional chalk. This chalk will last longer on your hands.

It can be used to enhance your grip during weightlifting, cross training, gymnastics, kettlebell workouts, rock climbing or any sport where it's needed. Whatever you're trying to get a hold on, use this chalk and don't let those slippery suckers get away!

Customer Reviews

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Amazing product!!

My hands sweat a lot when I’m lifting. The Liquid weight lifting Chuck makes a huge difference. It keeps my hands dry so I can focus on my Lifting. Thank you for an awesome product.


Awesome like it very much thanks!

Great production and fantastic service!

Love the chalk, it’s very easy to use, mess free, and dependable. But beyond that, I found the customer service to be top notch as well. I’m stationed abroad at the moment, and they went above and beyond to help me get their product sent to my location. I cannot thank them enough, their support was hugely appreciated.

Great product

I have used other similar products and so far this one performs better.

Like Magic

Someone in my gym left this product by accident and I picked it up and tried it. I was skeptical, how could a liquid mimick chalk? I squeezed some out, rubbed my hands together, and watched the chalk like substance appear like magic. It provides the grip assistance of chalk without the mess. I left the product behind for whoever left it and ordered my own as soon as I got home. Great product, thanks!

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