Home Workout #7: "Bells and Whistles"

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Home Workout #7: "Bells and Whistles"

Sorry this took too long to post. I've been working on some other stuff lately. Actually, a lot of other stuff. But I'm still prioritizing workouts. 

Working out, to me, is like brushing my teeth. You don't just stop doing it for a while. I mean, let's be honest, we've all skipped it a time or two, but you don't just "let it go". It's a major hygiene to-do. No matter how crazy my life gets, I will probably NEVER stop brushing my teeth (and if I ever do, I might be in some kind of acute life/death situation).  Nevertheless, it's an important part of my life and my priorities. And just as I hope to enjoy having all my teeth in my mouth well into my old age, I feel the same about my body and all it's capabilities. 

So without further ado, here is my latest home workout:

It burns the hell out of the calves. I used a 44# bell. I time lapsed myself this time for your viewing pleasure (or maybe displeasure?). This is my real life... so my entire family shows up in the frame at some point during the workout. It often feels like an interruption, but it's really just love. <3

My time was 21 minutes, but there are many athletes I know who could easily hustle this in 15 (especially without all the extra love in between rounds ;)).  

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