Combat Cream, Arnica Pain Relief Cream

Combat Cream, Arnica Pain Relief Cream

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  • PAIN RELIEF THAT WORKS- Don't let sore muscles and joints hold you back from your active lifestyle. With ingredients specially chosen by a pharmacist, this formula has all the right ingredients to keep you pain-free and on the move.
  • ARNICA- a natural ingredient derived from a flower, Arnica has been proven to help with bruising, inflammation, joint pain, swelling and muscle aches.
  • MENTHOL- an organic oil made from peppermint, Menthol will numb your pain away and give your sore muscles and joints a refreshing cool sensation.
  • COLORLESS AND NON-GREASY FORMULA- a hybrid between a gel and cream, it will go on smoothly, dry quickly and never leave greasy residues or blue stains on your skin or clothing.
  • NOT YOUR GRANDMA’S JOINT SALVE- our formula is specifically designed for athletes, gym rats, meatheads, jocks, sportsman and people who win at life. So put this on, get a straw, suck it up and and get back in the fight.
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