Workout Safety: The Best Liquid Chalk For Weightlifting

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Workout Safety: The Best Liquid Chalk For Weightlifting



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No of Reviews

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Fire Team Fit Liquid Chalk $10.99 267 76% 2% 9.5

Liquid Grip 8-Ounce Bottle

$22.33 235 74% 1% 9.2
Black Widow Liquid Chalk Grip $17.99 139 68% 4% 9.0
Dry Hand - The Ultimate Gripping Solution  $7.99 742 66% 5% 8.8
Zumwax Beasty Chalk - Gorilla Edition $12.99 164 63% 7% 8.6


So many things in life are overrated and safety isn't one of them. Actually, we think safety is underrated, especially in the gym. People often fail to realize that gym accidents have the potential to be fatal since the equipment in the gym is usually very heavy.

One common cause of accidents in the gym is equipment slipping from an athlete’s hands, resulting in a heavy piece of equipment (or the athlete themselves) being dropped at the wrong time and place. Losing your grip in the gym can be avoided by taking the proper safety measures.

Chalks are a very essential component of every gym because their absence could mean somebody's life. Their importance in sports cannot be overemphasized because outside the gym, they still play an important role in any physical activity that would require a good grip, such as rock climbing, gymnastics, batting practice and deep water soloing.

There are two main types of chalk, powdered and liquid. Liquid chalk is often considered better for several reasons.

First, It is easier to carry because of its compact size. An avid climber, for example, can carry a relatively small bottle in route to a climb instead of carrying a large block of chalk.

Liquid chalk also produces much less mess as compared to powdered chalk and as such, is less likely to irritate the lungs due to excessive dust particles in the air.

Another reason why liquid chalk is often considered better is because it has antibacterial components. And who doesn’t want to feel like they’re killing germs in the gym?

This article focuses on reviewing the top choices of Liquid Chalk available in the market for weightlifters, climbers and other athletes, helping you make an informed purchase.

Before buying a bottle of liquid chalk, there are a couple of factors to consider and we will drop a few below:


Such as…

Grip Quality: This is the most important quality to look for when purchasing liquid chalk.  The whole purpose of the chalk is to improve your grip, so you should be able to grip a heavy dumbbell or barbell with little-to-no slippage. If you start to perspire just after application, then you need a new brand. The ideal grip is dry, with a little stickiness.

Longevity of the Bottle: Ultimately, you want to get value for money, so a bottle should last for some time. A good bottle should last for about 8-10 weeks, but this can vary depending on frequency of use, activity and liberality of application.

Viscosity: A good liquid chalk should not be too thick but also not be too watered-down. While some runniness is fine, it should not spill down your hand immediately, however also not be like a thick paste of cement. It is important to note that most liquid chalk does settle over time and the bottle should be shaken prior to each use and especially prior to assessing for ideal thickness.

Drying Time: A good liquid chalk should dry quickly. The average drying time should be somewhere between 25-35 seconds with a gentle fanning motion of your hands back and forth to air dry.


1) Fire Team Fit Liquid Chalk

This is our top choice considering the reviews that customers have left on the product and looking at the pros and cons will help you see why.


  • It dries quickly and usually lasts an entire workout session (1:30 - 2 hours)
  • Washes off quickly without any residue and smells clean like hand sanitizer.
  • Works perfectly for a variety of sports activities like weightlifting, power-lifting, dead-lifts, gymnastics and rock climbing


  • For Clammy hands and sweaty palms, reapplication is needed.
  • If you do not like the smell of hand sanitizers, you might not like the smell.
  • Grip reduces if you already have very thick calluses on your hands

    2) Liquid Grip 8-Ounce Bottle

    This brand of liquid chalk is good enough for our number 2 spot because it has almost no negative reviews.


    • Coconut smell instead of alcohol or other strong fragrances.
    • After drying and usage, it doesn't leave any residue on equipment
    • Cleans off easily, with just running water



    • Doesn't stay long, constant reapplication is needed
    • This one can be messy and it takes a lot of time for it to dry off
    • Not very viscous, so during application there is potential for a lot of waste


      3) Black Widow Liquid Chalk Grip

      This one takes the third spot on our list, based on customer reviews and ability to serve it’s primary purpose.

      • It lasts a moderately long time (average of 1 hour).
      • Less messy and does not leave a residue
      • Good for sweaty palms


      • It tends to dry off really fast and has an alcohol smell
      • Not as sticky or tacky on grip as the other two brands.

        4) Dry Hand - The Ultimate Gripping Solution This is a good choice as it has a lot of nice reviews and is a fast drying liquid chalk


        • It has a very high grip quality
        • It dries off rapidly after application
        • A little bit goes a long way, so you do not need a lot for a workout session.


        • Not good for sweaty palms
        • Not suitable for pole dancing
        • Small bottle, not very economical

          5) Zumwax Beasty Chalk - Gorilla Edition

          This is a chalk that will get the job done and that is why it is on our list. We will let you decide.


          • Fast drying time, actually less than 15 seconds
          • Has a great feel and is easy to spread across your hand like tanning lotion.
          • Its greatest strength is the smell, it smells like bubble gum, unlike several others that have a “chemical” smell.


          • Of the entire list, it requires the highest amount of application.
          • The bottle is designed in a way that it gives too much with a small squeeze and you might end up spending a lot.
          • Not suitable for cheer stunts


            There you go! With this summary article, we hope we gave you a great breakdown of the best liquid chalks on the market and that our information will help you choose the best liquid chalk for you.

            Our comparisons have been simplified in the chart at the top of this page and after reviewing the information in this article, you can click on the links in the comparison chart to check product availability.

            Stay tuned for another article on gym safety.

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