Workout Safety: The Best Barbell Collars

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Workout Safety: The Best Barbell Collars



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Clout Fitness Quick Release Pair Locking 2" Olympic Size Barbell  $7.95 1,973 87% 3% 9.8
Greententljs Olympic Barbell Clamps $7.95 857 88% 3% 9.8
Iron Lab Olympic Barbell Collar  $8.95 827 84% 3% 9.7
RitFit 2" Olympic Barbell Collars $9.98 446 83% 2% 9.6
Greententljs 1 Inch Barbell Clamps Clip  $8.99 701 77% 7% 9.4


One of the most common types of injuries in the gym are barbell-related injuries. Using poor-quality barbell collars or avoiding them altogether can be very dangerous.

When using a barbell, the risk of your weight plates slipping and causing injury is high if you don't use a good pair of barbell collars. A proper set of collars will ensure that weights stay in place and don't fall off the bar (and onto somebody's foot) during your workout. Safety first!


  • Design: There are two designs for barbell collars - springs and clamps. Of the two designs, clamps are general considered better. This is because clamps have convenient latch-on mechanisms that most people can easily use to get a tight fit
  • Material: Nylon, aluminum, or hardened ABS plastic are all commonly used to make barbell collars. These materials all work equally well.
  • Capacity: Buy a barbell collar that fits your specific bar diameter and end length (AFTER maximum weight is loaded) in order to keep your weights secure. 

Barbell collars maximize safety in gyms by securing weights, hence lowering the risk of injuries. We have reviewed the best 5 on the online market below:


1) Clout Fitness Quick Release Pair Locking 2" Olympic Size Barbell
This is an Olympic standard size 2 inches barbell clamp made from reinforced plastic ABS. These barbell collars are designed to allow you to quickly clamp on to the barbell and off your workout bar. These barbell collars are extremely tough and durable


  • Made from reinforced ABS plastic
  • Easy to Install and remove
  • Non slip and comes with holding case


  • Some customers have complained that theirs broke after a few uses
  • Some complained that they start slipping off after a while


2) Greententljs Olympic Barbell Clamps
This pair of barbell clamps are great for cast plates, cast grip plates and rubber grip plates.  Customers rave that they are able to do skull crushers safely with these barbell clips with no slippage.


  • Made from reinforced plastic
  • Spring powered latch systems
  • Comes in a wide range of colors


  • Not ideal for securing heavy plates
  • Hard to un-clip with one hand


3) Iron Lab Olympic Barbell Collar
Iron lab collars are manufactured from high-strength nylon using casting and high-pressure processing. They have a durable cast body and high-pressure grip pads make the collar very reliable. Works perfectly for cross training, olympic weightlifting, heavy lifting and any training with an olympic bar.


  • Easy to install and remove
  • High Pressure Grip Pads
  • Superior locking mechanism


  • Locking tab breaks easily
  • Some customers have complained that it is too wide



4) RitFit 2" Olympic Barbell Collars
This pair of barbell clamps are made of hardened nylon resin frames and injection molded pressure pads.They come with spring powered Snap-Latch design to keep you safe. They are good for cast plate, cast grip plate and rubber grip plate and great for all standard home gyms and professional gym owners


  • Can be secured with one hand
  • Hardened nylon resin frame
  • Injection molded pressure pads


  • Clamps are known to loosen after six or more months
  • Some customers have complained about the colors not being exact


5) Greententljs 1 Inch Barbell Clamps Clip

This barbell clamp fits 1 inches standard size barbells. It is great for all standard lifts, overhead press, dead-lifts, bench press, or any other workout using 1 a inch standard barbell. Made of reinforced plastic and high quality ABS Nylon


  • Spring powered latch systems
  • Reinforced plastic frames
  • Easy one hand installation


  • Not very suitable for heavy weights
  • The inside rubber wears easily


After sifting through a lot of products and thousands of customer reviews, we hope this article has been helpful.

The comparison chart at the top of this page easily summarizes the information covered here and you can click on the links in the comparison chart to check their pricing availability. Stay tuned for another article on workout safety equipment!

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